In parallel with your visit to Plisskën Festival, and if you wish to discover the best of Athens during your stay, we propose a few recommendations which we consider absolute must-see’s:  


Acropolis Museum

The elegant 14,000 sq. metres exhibition space was recently built and houses some of the most famous works of classical antiquity. It’s location comes by no surprise as it was intentionally selected almost four decades ago, to face the southeastern side of the Parthenon. Glass, marble and concrete are the main materials used to construct this impressive building, where each has its own significance in highlighting the presence of the artefacts. Definitely a must-see and a must-eat, as the museum houses its own restaurant on the top floor with the most commanding view one could imagine.




Benaki Museum (138 Pireos Annex)

The latest addition to the Benaki Museum foundation, the 138 Pireos annex boasts state-of-the-art premises and is a milepost for contemporary art and all sorts of related events. With a constantly updated programme of arts exhibitions, this busy cultural hub, is well worth a visit.

visit: Benaki Museum



Mount Lycabettus

Considered the highest peak in the Athens basin, Mt. Lycabettus stands 277 metres tall and offers an almost 360 degree, breath-taking view of Athens right down to the  Saronic gulf.

Although there is a path leading to the top of the hill, the most popular choice of transit is the funicular which progressively reveals the spectacular scene of Athens from above.

visit: Mount Lycabettus


Thiseion Cinema

Widely celebrated and ranked as one the 10 best movie theaters in the world by CNN, Thiseion cinema is a once walled garden converted into an open air cinema situated just opposite the Southern side of the Acropolis. Combining an air of nostalgia along with its inherent charm, the place is reminiscent of the first movie houses to appear in Athens. The cinema previews old classics as well as new films which are displayed with subtitles (where applicable) rather than being dubbed. So great is the Athenian ardor for film, that there is hardly a better place to witness its greatness.

visit: Thiseion Cinema




Credited as one of the hippest areas in town, most of the socializing occurs around the old industrial gas factory -now a major multi-purpose event space playing a vital role in the Athenian culture scene- with a cluster of eateries, music venues and bars occupying the factory’s outskirts. If you want to mix sightseeing with gastronomy and leisure within a short period of time, then rest assured that this is the place to be.