When it comes to drinking, Greeks are rivalling the Irish, with indigenous heavy drinks like raki, tsipouro, ouzo, & masticha being on the top preferences of the artists visiting the festival. Nevertheless, the Greek bar scene has a lot to offer in respect to cocktails inspired by these alcoholic spirits and mediterranean flavours, as well as conventional drinks.


The places suggested in this section are indicative of what Athens-by-night has to offer. There are many-many more which await to be discovered by you during your visit.


Σκουφάκι / Skoufaki

Address: Skoufa 47, Athina, 10672

Telephone: +30 210 362 3867


Hours: All day cafe-bar


Locals fill this cozy bar each night, enjoying their drinks with good friends and good music.



Blue Bird 

Address: Ipitou 4, Athens

Telephone: +30 210 324 9616

Hours: 12.00-02.00

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BLUE-BIRD-256266337813438/



Brettos Bar: 

Address: Kidathineon 41, Plaka

Telephone: +30 210 323 2110

Hours: 10.00-03.00



Brettos is said to be Europe's second oldest bar and is the oldest distillery in Plaka with over 100 years of operation. Its impressive setting in the heart of Athens' old city, Brettos offers unique tasting experiences, a friendly environment and unrivalled service! 




Address: Stadiou 10, Athens, 10564

Telephone: +30 210 322 7733

Hours: Open every day except Sunday


Not to be confused with Galaxy bar, on top of the Hilton Hotel. Galaxy is hidden inside a small corridor at Stadiou Str. and it exudes  an old-school aura of bars where conversations with the barman take place over a glass of bourbon. 



Six D.O.G.S.

Address: Avramiotou 6-8, Monastiraki, Athens, 10551

Telephone: +30 210 321 0510

Hours: All day bar



A multi-space organising various events; from gigs, to art exhibits, it is definitely a place where you can spend an eventful night, or if you prefer a more chill-out atmosphere there is always its hidden garden area.



Κύριος / Kyrios

Address: Dorylaiou 4, Mavili

Telephone: +30 210 640 0615

Hours: All day bar

Photo Credits: Μαρία Δεσύπρη , Athens Magazine


This upscale bar, is a relatively new addition to the bars around Mavili Sq. with signature decor and drinks, served by waiters wearing stripped shirts and aprons. 



Λόλα (Lola)

Address: Keiriadon 11, Petralona

Telephone: +30 213 015 9902 

Hours: All day bar


Having an industrial decor, its wooden tables are ideal for large groups of people, playing checkers and drinking. 



Seven Jokers

Address: Voulis 7, Athens, 10562

Telephone: +30 210 321 9225

Hours: 09:00-04:00

Photo Credits: guidepal.com


This is one of those places where you and everyone else ends up at the wee-hours of the night, when everything else has closed, to continue having fun up until the sun comes up.



Red Lion 

Address: Niriidon 16, Hilton, Athens

Telephone: +30 210 722 8149


If you are in the mood for a pub, we suggest you try out this one. It has a selection of beers, as well as a space where you can play darts.




Address: Agias Eirinis Square, 10. Athens, 10560

Telephone: +30 210 324 3331

Hours of Operation: 10:30 - 03:00


English bistro with a 50s decor. Besides being a place where you can enjoy your cocktails, you can also try out its european cuisine.