Yeap. It's either Souvlaki or Mousaka first word that comes to mind when one refers to Greek food. Well, this is not the case for the last ten years or so. Athens has evolved slow but steadily to a unique culinary destination that of course offers the best souvlaki and mousaka in the world but has so much more than that to offer.


The places suggested in this section are not necessarily the best (some of them are definetely are), but they 're the ones that we 'd get you to visit if you were our guests in our city.



Άργουρα / Argoura

Address: Agisilaou 49-51, Tzitzifies, 17673

District: South Suburbs

Type of Menu: Greek Cuisine

Telephone: +30 217 717 3200


Nikos Michael, owner and chef of Argoura, has been making a difference to the Greek fish food scene for the last years. Wouldn't be a hyperbole to call him the Master of Greek Sushi.



Το τριαντάφυλλο της νοστιμιάς / To triantafyllo tis nostimias

Address: Lekka 22 (inside the arcade)

Telephone: +30 210 322 7298

Hours of operation: 11:30am-7pm; closed Sunday

Type of Menu : Greek cuisine (mainly seafood)

District: Athens downtown

Photo credit: (Freddie F.)


Triantafyllos is more than an institution. A laid-back atmosphere with some of the finest grilled and fried fish food around. Ease on the ouzo or raki as you might never leave the place!



Ρωσίδες Σουβλάκι  / Rosides Souvlaki

Address: Grypari & Anagnostara,Kallithea

Type of menu: Greek Souvlaki

District: South Suburbs


Greeks are passionate about their souvlaki. "The best" is a term subject to many interpretations and arguments. This is ours. It's made from a Russian lady in a tiny place.



Η Γιαγιά Ελισάβετ / Yaya Elisavet


Address: Agisilaou & Ksenofontos 179, Kallithea 17674

Telephone: +30 210 942 8353

Type of Menu: Greek cuisine (mainly seafood)

District: South Suburbs


Located in a quiet little street behind the Niarchos Foundation, this place speaks volumes with it's food. Fresh fried delicious cod, grilled shrimps and handcut chips. What else you need?



Σκαλάκια / Skalakia

Address: Aiginitou 32, Ilisia

Telephone: +30 210 722 9290

Type of Menu: Greek cuisine 

District: Athens, downtown

Hours of Operation: Every day from 12:00-01:00

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This is our definition of a typical great Greek taverna. Fast service, good traditional Greek food and the best bon fillet in town. Bonus: located in a quiet stairway as its name suggests.



Vespa Rossa 

Address: 2 Naiadon street, Pagkrati, 11634 

Telephone: +30 210 723 4551


Type of Menu: Italian cuisine

District: Athens, downtown

Hours of Operation: 19:00-01:00 from Monday to Sunday


If you fancy Italian food at reasonable prices try this newly opened place. Original Northern Italy recipes including fantastic pasta and pizzas. Huge tables to enjoy the goodies.



Οι Θεσσαλοί / Thessaloi

Address: Melenikou 3, Metaxourgeio, 10436

Telephone: +30 210 022 2335

Type of Menu: Greek cuisine


Most relaxed place in Athens? Probably yes. Small dishes changing on a daily basis with the extra credit of live music at almost any time of the day. This is how the Greeks do it.



Όμορφο / Omorfo

Address: Xenokratous 50, Athens, 10676

Telephone: +30 210 722 6830

Type of Menu: Greek cuisine

Hours of Operation: 12:30-00:00 Monday-Sunday

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Comfort food place in the heart of the Kolonaki area. Family-run and ideal place to taste all the "infamous" Greek dishes in one go. Death Grips and Jello Biafra amongst others loved it.



Δίπορτο / Diporto

Address: Sokratous 9, Athens, 10552

Telephone: +30 210 321 1463

Type of Menu: Greek cuisine

Hours of Operation: Every day from morning to late midday


Enter through the stairway, mind your head and enter another Athenian era. Share your table and wine, just order one of everything and don't be scared to make new friends or sing!



Σαραντατρίο / Sarantatrio

Address: Amvrosiou Frantzi 43, Neos Kosmos, 11743

Telephone: +30 213 026 3347

Type of menu: Greek cuisine


A new entry with some unique suggestions and recipes. Don't be fooled by their low prices. Quality and quantity wise, their menu and hidden garden atmosphere hits a Spinal Tap-y 11!




Address: Veikou 41, Koukaki 11742

Telephone: +30 210 922 6924

Type of menu: Deli / Sandwiches

Hours of Operation: 10am - 5pm


Fact: Υannis, Chara and their two sons run the best sandwich place in town. Try their version of club sandwich with crispy prosciutto, frech chicken and a bit of mustard plus fresh oregano.