Tommy Genesis (CA) & Tosin Martyns (GR)
@ six d.o.g.s27 May. 17

Tommy Genesis  (CA)

Tommy Genesis is not someone you can categorically label. Though her look radiates saccharine femininity, her brand of “fetish rap” boasts a complex aggro-sexuality that challenges anyone looking to undercut her creative authority.

Raised in Vancouver, Canada by a South Indian father and Scandinavian mother, Tommy is a figure laden with contradictions. At first glance, the artist has all the trappings of a bonafide pop darling; a doe-eyed beauty with ombré curls and a penchant for pleated skirts, cropped tees, glossy lipstick and combat boots. But underneath the schoolgirl allure lies something far more esoteric.

Tommy’s music eschews nearly every hetero-normative motif commonly affiliated with the rap genre. The graphic volatility of Tommy’s lyrics seamlessly parallels the production of her songs, which swerves and slides across a slew of genres. It’s the very unhinged, otherworldly quality of Tommy’s work that caught the ear of Atlanta’s leading underground rap king Father who, after hearing a series of bedroom-produced singles while zipping through cyberspace, gave her the early Awful Records co-sign.

With one-third of her World Vision album trilogy complete and the remaining two on the horizon, Tommy’s brief albeit potent mark in the music sphere has her leading the wave for the next generation of artists fighting the system. With her recent signing to Downtown / Interscope Records, Tommy’s career is set to begin a promising and exciting new chapter.

Tosin Martyns  (GR)

Born in Nigeria, in 1990, and raised in Athens, Tosin Martyns discovered his passion for music at a very young age and since then he has been chasing after his dream.

Starting his career as a member of a children’s church choir, which helped him understand what music is, he started after learning to play the keyboards and drums. At the age of 16 he formed a band with his friends, called “Le’s Blanc’s” where they played covers and created their own original tracks and that’s when his experience as a front man began.

After a couple of years “Le’s Blanc’s” split up. However, Tosin didn’t give up and began writing/recording and performing as well, his own songs inspired by reggae and afrobeat.

Forest Swords (UK) & guests
@ six d.o.g.s27 Oct. 17

Forest Swords, aka acclaimed Merseyside-based producer Matthew Barnes, returns with his eagerly anticipated new single 'The Highest Flood', out via Ninja Tune.

One of Barnes' most urgent tracks to date, layering a thumping, staggered, skeletal beat with deconstructed piano fragments and a hook that sculpts choral samples into a rapturous battle cry. Veering between claustrophobia and euphoria, Barnes continues his bleeding of the line between sorrow and ecstasy, and with 'The Highest Flood', the first taster of his new material, there's a new-found, raw sense of immediacy.

"It's a challenge to navigate the world we're living in now and I've been thinking a lot about the ways we need to forge new paths in language, communication and our connection with the natural world – it's becoming more and more important to try and steer these in a positive direction" says Barnes of the track. "'The Highest Flood' distills some of the frustration and hope that I've been working through over the past 18 months whilst making new material.”

The single is the long awaited first studio material since 2013's critically lauded debut album “Engravings”. Over this period Barnes has devised, scored and art directed last year's contemporary dance piece ‘Shrine’, composed for the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ video game, collaborated with Massive Attack on their new music and soundtracked the first movie made entirely with drones - 'In The Robot Skies’ - which debuted at the 2016 BFI London Film Festival.

Mueran Humanos (AR) & guests
@ Death Disco 04 Nov. 17