Winter Plisskën Festival 2018
@ Piraeus 117 Academy08 Dec. 18

Winter Plisskën Festival 
Saturday 8th December 2018
Piraeus 117 Academy & Wave Athens








LOKIER dj set

SAMA’ dj set


Them Legends. Them Masters. Them Stars. #wpf18

The first shafts of morning light creep over the hilltop terraces, illuminating the ancient commune of Palestrina - David August breathes new air. Born in Hamburg in 1990, August composes and performs multifaceted electronic music with hopeful tones and a human aesthetic. “Creating music - the act of creating in general - should be free from rationalization. In the best case, relying solely on subconscious communication,” says the classically trained multi-instrumentalist. Speaking with David, one immediately realizes the value that he places upon his well-earned artistic independence and steadfast sincerity. This hard-fought pursuit can be traced clearly through the producer’s recorded works; from a string of early dance singles and remixes (2010-2014), followed by his celebrated debut album, Times (2013), to a handful of genre-defying outings on Ninja Tune sub-label, Counter Records (2016), the Tonmeister graduate (2017) continues to uncloak hidden inner paths yet to be discovered. Adorning the altars of his newly-founded label, 99CHANTS, DCXXXIX A.C. (2018), the first in a series of offerings, basks in shifting, transcendental glow. The birthplace of his mother, this highland outpost has, as of recent, casted rays of inspiration upon the young musician. “After 26 years, I suddenly feel the urgency to connect actively with my Mediterranean provenience and culture. Although always present in me, I rather kept it hidden, private and absent from my creative work. These roots have always evoked the stronger emotions within me.” While his live-show takes various shapes and forms, free improvisation lives at the core of the artist’s fascination. Whether he performs solo for the Boiler Room (2014) or a Resident Advisor Live Session (2015) recruits trusted musicians as part of his Ensemble (2015-2016), DJ’s traditionally or explores collaboration with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (2016), liberating moments of immediate expression remain a constant. After a year of introspection, David August re-emerges with a vitalizing, advanced, personal language. “Finding the courage to have a true dialogue with myself has been a challenging process. A never-ending path, I hope to explore in the most honest way possible.”  

Pantha Du Prince is the solo project of Hendrik Weber, fusing house, techno & shoegazey indie on Lawrence's introvert-techno label Dial Records. Weber started playing guitar at thirteen, first playing bass guitar in rock outfits. He later moved onto electronic based music, first via a 16-channel studio mixer, combining drones with samples and a computer. These early experiments formed the basis for both his experimental music as Panthel and Glühen 4 as well as his techno as Pantha Du Prince. Weber has released five albums and various 12” singles under the moniker, each a bittersweet take techno that 'll appeal to dancefloors as well as living rooms. The house & techno side of the equation takes its cues from Detroit, Moodymann, minimal and acid, while the indie tendencies are rooted in My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and psychedelia – he even rejigs The Chills jangle-pop ‘Pink Frost’ for the dancefloor on ‘Diamond Daze’. Weber also plays bass in the Hamburg band Stella, and the instrument is also given prominence on his recordings as Pantha Du Prince.

Raised on country and western music in the outskirts of the Norwegian oil town Stavanger, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm now lives in Oslo where he is making contemporary disco and running his Feedelity label. His first success was the jazzy “Granada”, being championed by the likes of Giles Peterson before releasing a flow of highly acclaimed EPs, singles and remixes for names like Franz Ferdinand, Killers, The Horrors and LCD Soundsystem alongside two Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas duo albums on Eskimo Recordings. Since then, Lindstrøm has gone on to release two more albums and work alongside the likes of Todd Terje and many more.

Growing up in Norfolk and attending a school where being into music made you an outsider, Nathan Fake’s early interest in the electronic scene came from hearing acts like Aphex Twin and Orbital on the radio and reading about the equipment they used in music magazines. Having begun to acquire and experiment with his own gear, an encounter with James Holden in 2003 led him to align with the then fledgling label Border Community, releasing his first material, the ‘Outhouse’ single, that same year. The relationship with Holden’s label continued with further EP releases - “The Sky Was Pink” and “Silent Night” - leading to his breakthrough debut album “Drowning In A Sea Of Love”, released in 2006 to widespread praise from the likes of Pitchfork and the Guardian, and hailed as one of Mixmag’s top albums of that year. Fake recorded two further albums for the label - 2009’s “Hard Islands” and “Steam Days” in 2012 - before establishing his own label Cambria Instruments in 2014 alongside former Border Community associate Wesley Matsel. Their collaborative single ‘Black Drift / Bismuth’ was followed by Fake's solo effort “Glaive” EP in 2015. Throughout this time he also took on a number of impressive and diverse remixes, from Radiohead to Jon Hopkins to Clark, working for labels such as Ninja Tune, Domino, Warp and Kompakt. Extensive touring has taken his sound across the globe, including notable tours with Orbital, Four Tet, Jon Hopkins & Clark. In September 2016 Nathan announced his signing to Ninja Tune with "DEGREELESSNESS / Now We Know” 12”, and on 10th March 2017 released his fourth album “Providence”, featuring his first ever collaborative works - with Prurient (aka Vatican Shadow / founder of Hospital Productions) and Raphaelle Standell-Preston of the band Braids. Described by FACT magazine as “A career-defning LP”, it gained high praise from publications such as The Observer, DJ Mag (Album Of The Month), Wire and Crack, was Bleep's ‘Album Of The Week' and had support throughout the year from Four Tet, Ben UFO, Helena Hauff and many more. Later in 2017 Nathan released two “Providence Reworks” EPs featuring Overmono, Huerco S, Konx-Om-Pax and Olga Wojciechowsk. Nathan released “Sunder” EP, methodologically and sonically distinct from his previous work, the 4-track release arrived on Ninja Tune on 23rd February.

London-based, Beijing-raised Object Blue is a producer who combines experimental sounds with techno, focusing on their potential as live performances. Named as one of the 10 techno/house producers to watch in 2018 by FACT magazine, she continues to perform a diverse range of music, including live techno, experimental installations and DJ sets. Her debut EP Do you plan to end a siege? was premiered by Mixmag and released by Tobago Tracks in March 2018.


A true musical and spiritual nomad, the NTS Radio DJ, party mogul, and all round mind-bending DJ describes her style as ‘genre fluid’. With a style that bounces between the ethers of post-punk, techno, wave, and EBM, encapsulating all of the beeps, and distorted feedback in-between, the London-based Italian is a profound, talent and energetic force behind the decks.


With a particular affinity for post-punk, techno and vintage electronica, Debonair connects the musical dots. As a radio station manager and programming director at NTS, she built the station up as well as holding a residency since the beginning. Cruising between the lines of EBM, post-punk, techno, electro and more, you can be sure that Debonair will bring amazing (and weird) bangers to the party. Playing everywhere from Berghain to Chapter 10, she's had an amazing past year as a DJ, and in 2018 we'll let Debonair's unique vision guide us through the static at the Aquarium stage.


An emblematic artist of the Palestinian underground scene, SAMA’ (previously named Skywalker) is the first Palestinian DJ and electronic music producer.

SAMA’ started mixing in 2006 in Ramallah, and started producing her own music and expanding her interest in synthesis in 2010, with a focus on Electronic Music, more specifically Techno, House, and other deeper sub-genres. Her sound: a powerful punchy techno, dry and musical all at once, with a very unique twist of her own.

In 2011, she moved to the UK to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering and Music Production from S.A.E. London, further improving her technical skills. Soon after, she released two albums as Skywalker, «Life’s Pace» a debut EP with Itchycoo Records, and «Quantum Morphosis», a self-released independent triptych (available on itunes and all major platforms).

SAMA’ then started her career in Cairo in 2013 as an Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Audio Trainer and Sound Designer for films. In 2016, she partnered with Eka3 to start a publishing agency of its first kind called Awyav, which represents independent artists from all over the Arab world.

In 2017, as she was about to settle in Paris, SAMA’ decided to change her artist name from Skywalker to SAMA’ her original name which means Sky in Arabic. The same year she was selected as a Laureate by the French Institute to attend a six months residency at the International City of Arts in Paris, in order to work on her next album and live show.


Lokier (full name: Yoan Rodriguez Lokier) is a Mexican born, Berlin based DJ and producer. Taking inspiration from the indie / post-punk scene with her 1st EP’s & remixes releasing as early as 2014 on labels like Les Disques De La Mort or Throne Of Blood, her sound has been naturally evolving to more dark, industrial and electro territory since moving to the German capital. Her dj sets have also taken the same path, adding raw sounds & acid-tinged synths to the equation, making them more complex & raw. Alongside French DJ, producer & longtime friend Morgan Hammer (Optimo Trax), they became She Made Monster, where both their energies were channeled in to explosive dj sets. 2018 Lokier releases include: a full EP on Solar’s “Squirrels On Film” in March, a remix for The Soft Moon on Aufnahme & Wiedergabe, her guest vocals on Djedjotronic’s cover of Gary Newman's "Our Friends Electric" (Boys Noize Records), followed by her debut 12" for Rotterdam’s Pinkman in October.


Black Athena are a DJ duo, a radio show and more recently a record label, conceived in and around the centre of Athens during the first decade of the millennium. In an underground music field that increasingly is about A&Ring music directly from the internet and creating labels spearheaded by artists already accepted as "cool", Black Athena is all about having a personal 'real' connection with the artists, helping develop them and putting them on a global stage. The sound of Black Athena is as much about the sound of contemporary US rap as expressed by Kendrick Lamar, Drake and A$ap Rocky, as it is about the Deep House blueprint of Moodymann and Theo Parrish. It is as much about Wiley, Skepta and D Double E as it is about Prince, Marvin Gaye, Prince Jammy & Chic.

Doors open 19:30

Venues / Stages
Main Stage: Piraeus 117 Academy, 117 Pireos Str.
Αquarium: Wave Athens, 61 Iraklidon Str.

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Wooden Shjips (US) & guests
@ Gagarin 20517 Mar. 19

Wooden Shjips
Gagarin 205
17 March 2019

Wooden Shjips, long-time leaders of the contemporary psychedelic movement, expand their sound with V. The quartet of Omar Ahsanuddin, Dusty Jermier, Nash Whalen and Ripley Johnson augment their already rich sound with laid back, classic summer songs. The songs were written during the summer of 2017 by singer and guitarist Ripley Johnson as an antidote to the pervasive anxiety both political and natural. As Ripley tells it, “We had huge forest fires just outside of Portland and there was intense haze and layers of ash in the city. I was sitting on my porch every evening, watching ash fall down like snow, the sky looking like it was on fire. It was an apocalyptic feeling. Summer in Portland is usually really chill and beautiful, and we were working on a ‘summer record,’ but the outside world kept intruding on my headspace.” V., a graphic representation of the Peace sign, seemed apt to an album focused on the power of peace, beauty and resistance. The music is a balm against the noise and negativity.

The first single “Staring At The Sun” is a nearly 8 minute laid back, slowly building narrative, whose lyrics tell of a gentle push and pull between the desire for sun and escape and the tug of anxiety, with peaceful resistance winning the day and guiding the tone. The restless traveler Johnson gives us a few of his signature traveling songs such as “Eclipse,” and “Red Line,” both showcases for the stellar rhythm section of Omar Ahsanuddin and Dusty Jermier. Their unparalleled sense of groove and restraint leaves ample room for Nash Whalen’s keyboard flourishes. There is movement and urgency in these tracks without aggression, a rolling foundation of rhythm over which Johnson’s voice floats and elongated melodic guitar lines soar.

Each song shimmers with a distinctly Wooden Shjips sound, a relaxed summer vibe. This was a conscious choice, an atmospheric goal that influenced nearly every detail: the tones, the delay types and reverbs used, as well as the synthesizer elements that color the songs. The basics were recorded by Jason Powers at Types Foundry Studio in Portland. The guitars and vocals were largely recorded in Ripley Johnson’s comfortable home studio. The album was mixed by Cooper Crain (Cave, Circuit Des Yeux) who the band has formed close bonds with on tour. The instructions were simple “We told Cooper to keep it really fat but to feel free to play around with the other elements, make a nice headphone mix with a lot of movement,” said Ripley, “I wanted it to be floaty because that’s kind of where my headspace was at the time.”

The band’s members collectively share a love of classic rock from the Velvet Underground to Neil Young, as well as more overt love of the San Francisco scene of the 60’s. This commonality in their formative musical years binds them even as they live in different cities. V. finds Wooden Shjips embracing the emotions behind those sounds; peaceful defiance and opposition, while creating a sound and counter narrative to today’s hostilities that is wholly their own. Wooden Shjips has with V. created the most concise, laid back songs of their career. Their music is a balm of sorts, a respite from the insanity that, through its regenerative abilities, empowers continued, calm resistance. A reminder of the simple power of peace and beauty. Wooden Shjips, through V., have demonstrated the power of beauty and the power in creating it even while experiencing overwhelming dread. It is the perfect summer album, brimming with optimism and a peaceful energy, aptly timed for release at the height of spring.


Gagarin 205
205, Liosion Str.
10445 Athens
+30 211 4112500

Lubomyr Melnyk (UA)
@ Φιλολογικός Σύλλογος «Παρνασσός» 04 Apr. 19

Lubomyr Melnyk
4th April 2019
Parnassos Hall

The Master Of Continuous Piano

Minimalism at its most lush and ornate’— Pitchfork

"Another staggering accomplishment from a man who has taken the possibilities of composition and improvisation to new heights, fusing the fervor he strives to endure as a performer with the promise of creating an expansive sonic landscape for his audience that’s teeming with life and bounding with possibility' — Tiny Mix Tapes

Lubomyr Melnyk is one of the most extraordinary pianists and composers of our day.

He has been called The Prophet Of The Piano because of his life-long devotion to the instrument, and for his work in pushing the boundaries of what can be done with it. In the mid-1970s, while living in Paris, he created Continuous Music - a totally new language for the piano, one that requires amazing technical abilities that use the full natural voice of the piano.

One can recognise immediately that this music is founded in the traditional Classical piano technique - with reminiscences of Liszt and Brahms - but it also introduced many influences from Eastern philosophy, as well as minimal music, combining these into a wonderful mixture of modern romantic harmonies and melodies.

Using his extraordinary piano abilities to generate over 19.5 notes per second in each hand, he is the fastest pianist ever recorded. Since the early 1970s he has produced an astonishing oeuvre of more than 120 works, most for solo or double piano, and has blazed wholly new paths in contemporary music.

Viva Wallet
Viva kiosks (Syntagma Sq. & Technopolis)
Seven Spots
Reload Stores
Βιβλιοπωλεία Ευριπίδης - Evripidis Bookstores

Φιλολογικός Σύλλογος Παρνασσός
6, Ag. Georgiou Karytsi Square
10561 Athens
+30 21 0322 1917