La Femme (FR) & Devamp Javu (GR)
@ Τεχνόπολη Δήμου Αθηνών02 Sep. 17

La Femme live in Athens

Saturday 2 September 2017

Technopolis City of Athens

Opening Act: Devamp Javu

Get ready to get crazy for LA FEMME!

The Sassy Surfer Band from France!

Direct from the Parisian overground, French pop connoisseurs La Femme have made a huge mark on modern Paris’s cultural landscape, by engraining in their music the two sides of the city: the glamour and the grit.

Joined by his compadre Marlon Magnée (keyboard player), Sacha Got (guitarist) started La Femme in coastal town Biarritz before the pair moved to Paris where they met up with Sam Lefèvre (bass guitarist), Lucas Nunez (percussions) and Noé Delmas (drummer), also seeker of teenage kicks.

From La Femme’s fluid line-up and travels comes their debut album Psycho Tropical Berlin (2013); a mille-feuille of psychedelia, rockabilly, electro, and punk infused surf. Written within the depths of a Parisian basement and surrounded by sheep and trees at a house in Biarritz, those contrasts are clear. After three years they return with a more psychedelic sound and numerous female guest vocalists that slice through the starkest of electro beats. Τheir second album Mystère (2016) is a compendium of short stories describing loves and losses while each song breaks down language barriers through an inventive and astute knack for melody. La Femme celebrates their wonderful city and tackles the enigmatic questioning of falling in and out of love.

Their rise has continuously gained momentum with fans including directors Jacques Audiard and Romain Gavras to legends Jean Michel Jarre and Hedi Slimane as well as a growing young audience. Their music was also used for three major worldwide TV synchs: Apple, Renault and Sonos which have brought them great attention.

At times synthetic, always hypnotic, and turning on a centime from aggressively dark to flippantly light-hearted, La Femme has one goal: “To touch people, to be touched by people and generally protest against worldwide assholes.”







Blank Banshee (CA) & guests
@ six d.o.g.s26 Sep. 17

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Lapalux (UK) & Thavius Beck (US)
@ six d.o.g.s06 Oct. 17

Stuart Howard, known to most as the longstanding and always-innovative Brainfeeder producer Lapalux, has experienced the kind of musical career that has the ability to leave individuals scratching their heads in equal parts wonder and admiration. After sending a simple spec email to Brainfeeder label owner and electronic music titan Flying Lotus back in 2010, Lapalux was quickly signed to the cult label where he released a stream of esteemed EPs and remixes for the likes of Bonobo, Andreya Triana, and Lianne La Havas amongst others, before his debut LP “Nostalchic” dropped in 2011.

The wide recognition Lapalux received early in his career easily attests to his abilities as a producer and artist on the vanguard of electronica, however this whirlwind success wasn’t merely attained in the short year between his chance email and the achievements that followed. On the contrary, Lapalux began making music as a youngster living in Essex, where he picked up his first guitar at the age 11 and, as with much of the technique embodied in his music, took an unorthodox approach to music-making. Rather than simple strumming he began to manipulate, reverse, overdub, and subsequently record the sounds into an old computer his mother had bought. Thus marked a moment of instinct and ingenuity that would continue to delineate his sound.

For Lapalux, whose layered synths and explicit drum patterns can convey a message of strict precision, his process is actually one distinguished by intuition and improvisation, a method that’s boded well in his endeavours scoring films and performance art pieces in his current home of London. Most recently, he composed the soundscape for ‘ABSENT’, a performance art piece presented by dreamthinkspeak in conjunction with the film festival LIFT, and later scored a piece for an art performance entitled ‘Depart’ presented by the same organization. Set in a cemetery in East London, performers moved through Lapalux’s melancholic and decaying soundtrack, which would later become the impetus for his third full-length “Ruinism”.

In addition waves Lapalux has made in the art world, his extensive touring history and sets at venerated festivals like Sonar and Field Day have garnered the attention of both fans and critics on an international scale. Each of his previous albums – “Nostalchic” and “Lustmore” respectively, had sold out album launches and his millions of Spotify streams as well as his plethora of radio mixes have continued to propel his career into a direction that sees no sign of slowing down.

Forest Swords (UK) & guests
@ six d.o.g.s27 Oct. 17

Forest Swords, aka acclaimed Merseyside-based producer Matthew Barnes, returns with his eagerly anticipated new single 'The Highest Flood', out via Ninja Tune.

One of Barnes' most urgent tracks to date, layering a thumping, staggered, skeletal beat with deconstructed piano fragments and a hook that sculpts choral samples into a rapturous battle cry. Veering between claustrophobia and euphoria, Barnes continues his bleeding of the line between sorrow and ecstasy, and with 'The Highest Flood', the first taster of his new material, there's a new-found, raw sense of immediacy.

"It's a challenge to navigate the world we're living in now and I've been thinking a lot about the ways we need to forge new paths in language, communication and our connection with the natural world – it's becoming more and more important to try and steer these in a positive direction" says Barnes of the track. "'The Highest Flood' distills some of the frustration and hope that I've been working through over the past 18 months whilst making new material.”

The single is the long awaited first studio material since 2013's critically lauded debut album “Engravings”. Over this period Barnes has devised, scored and art directed last year's contemporary dance piece ‘Shrine’, composed for the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ video game, collaborated with Massive Attack on their new music and soundtracked the first movie made entirely with drones - 'In The Robot Skies’ - which debuted at the 2016 BFI London Film Festival.

Princess Nokia (US) & Dednewb (GR) & Black Athena (GR/UK)
@ Gagarin 20531 Oct. 17

Princess Nokia is a musical collective lead by twenty-four year old Destiny Nicole Ortiz (formerly known as Wavy Spice). Destiny is an up and coming, multifaceted, DIY artist from the New York City underground. Her unique musical style blends tribal beats, with trip hop and R&B – creating an exciting and unprecedented crossover of sounds. Her first independent album in 2014, “Metallic Butterfly,” combines a post-Internet-era view on cyber-feminism, a metaphysical awareness of nature, and sex and drugs; often stepping into a dystopian, or indigenous landscape. Her songs are both hypnotic and hyper-reality driven. Vice Magazine hailed the album as being, “…one of the most exciting and ambitious [albums] to come out of the NYC underground in a long time…” Aside from her music, Destiny also hosts a weekly web-radio show that she DJs as part of her feminist art collective, Smart Girls Club, helping to open up dialogue and support for young women of all ethnicities in music and the arts.

To say 2016 was Princess Nokia’s year would be an understatement. Her rap album “1992” was called a “hip hop storytelling album” by Remezcla and “an ode to Brown Girl Nation” by Vibe. Rolling Stone even listed “1992” as one of its 15 Greatest Albums You Didn’t Hear in 2016.  She had breakout hits like “Tomboy” and “Brujas” and the whole album was very positive and female-empowering. Nokia went on a very successful European and college tour and has solidified herself as truly a force to be reckon with.

Mueran Humanos (AR) & guests
@ Death Disco 04 Nov. 17

Winter Plisskën Festival 2017 | Day 1
@ Athens, Greee01 Dec. 17

Coming soon...

Winter Plisskën Festival 2017 | Day 2
@ Athens, Greece02 Dec. 17

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Diskoplisskën presents Optimo
@ six d.o.g.s16 Dec. 17