Plisskën’s mission in 2012 was to hold a festival where music starts to merge with sustainability. So how did we do? For starters, the artists were awesome, the chill‐out area and garden were great, the games and freebie areas were engaging, the merch was inventive, and yes, the event was indeed an eco‐friendly feat!


Take a look at these impressive results:


  • 93% (600 kg) of the waste generated at the event was reused, reduced or recycled via our collaboration with Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HE.R.R.Co S.A.), which kindly provided informative material and freebies to everyone.This amounts to 300 g recycled by each person either attending, performing or working for the festival in 2012 (Total ~ 1800 people)

  • Only 45 kg of residual waste went to the landfill – the equivalent of just half a standard sized blue recycling bin.This amounts to only 25 g of waste per person.

  • Separate bins were available and used for food waste at the catering area.

  • Our Club Stage water cooler provided free, fresh water thus contributing to a smaller consumption of plastic water bottles!

  • A big hit was this year’s Garden area, providing a cool shade under typical Greek plants and trees, such as laurel, oleander and pomegranate trees along with basil, lavender, thyme and rosemary.

  • The entire event was powered by volunteers! The efforts of 25 volunteers brought the entire Plisskën festival to life, both on the day of, as well as behind‐the‐scenes on the days leading up to the festival.


Music is meant to be experienced live with all senses engaged – amongst the company of friends and the energy of the performers. Therefore, it’s paramount to figure out a way to enjoy festivals while minimizing the damage done to the environment.


This year’s accomplishment is the first step towards a rock‐solid commitment that will hopefully serve as a model for other festivals to follow.