origin:Athens, GR

genre:Fade 2 Black

when:06.06.14 | Outdoor Club Stage

Bomba Energia Soundsystem started in 2005 as a collaboration between two very good friends, with completely different musical preferences. Rusty Brown can be described as the more radical of the duo, operating closer to more electronic types of music such as acid house, electro disco and early Chicago house, as well as nu disco, 70s boogie and 80s electro. Antoine on the other hand, is the elder of the pair and expresses a musical preference for new wave and rock'n'roll, to native African, Caribbean rock, kraut and 60s swing.
After three years of live performances on VM radio shows another very important member was added to the team in Anthony K. Despite his relative youth he quickly adapted his style incorporating deep Afro beat and Latin and managing to deliver a very unique black sound.
When these three friends performed together they created a unique musical experience through their myriad influences; an explosive highly energetic feeling which meant the Bomba Energia Soundsystem was formed.