origin:Sheffield, UK

genre:Industrial Muppet Show

when:06.06.14 | Main Stage

You start as a 4-piece band out of a city boasting world expertise on all things cutlery somewhere in the UK, and release your debut titled "Fall of Math" with which you begin to turn a few heads. You release a follow-up album, at which point you have already gathered a cult following from your first LP - now considered one of the best albums ever - and then suddenly decide to start gigging a mere 200 shows for that year only. 2007 finds you with "The Destruction of Small Ideas" , and a year later Robert Smith which is a big fan, invites you along for a 6-month tour as a support act for a band named The Cure. "We Were Exploding Anyway" paves the way for a more progressed electronic sound which leads you up to probably the best effort in your career named "Wild Light", leaving critics and fans astounded.

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