genre:Disco Autarky

when:2.12.17 | Aquarium | 00.30

Autarkic is Nadav Spiegel, a Tel Aviv based producer and song writer. Since 2014 Autarkic has been releasing music on different labels and playing live all over Europe. Already becoming recognised for the different approach he brings to the electronic music scene, Autarkic is first and foremost a song writer, creating lyrical club tracks with his own leftfield / new wave flavour. Autarkic’s Live set is described as a filthy, extensive journey through clubbing, performed with a Sampler, Synths, Drum machines and of course his Voice. His debut EP "Hello to Mrs. Blank" came out via Golf Channel Recordings on October 2015 and including a collaboration with Red Axes on "Golden Shades". On May 2016 Autarkic Released a 6 track Mini LP, "Can You Pass The Knife?" on Disco Halal, in this release he gives the listeners a fuller picture of his work and the musical landscape that he comes from. The Album got very positive reviews from Resident Adviser, Groove Magazine and DJMAG Italy.