genre:Trikala Rave

when:1.12.17 | Aquarium | 21.00

Born on the cusp of two decades so musically rich that undoubtedly growing up in that era helped build an appreciation for all forms of that which we call ‘dance’ music, the enigmatic artist known as Thomey Bors truly came to existence on embarking upon a temporary move to one of the most significant musical motherlands to attend university.On returning to Greece having completed studies in the UK Thomey took to bedroom production and DJing and on a chance meeting with the Athenian based radio production duo Black Athena was booked to play in the Greek capital alongside Thristian AKA the bPm, an up and coming DJ who was then known for his work alongside Gilles Peterson at the Brownswood imprint, and is now better known for being part of the team that founded London’s Boiler Room parties.