genre:Hardcore Bingo

when:2.12.17 | Tunnel | 21:30

Loft is a person that lives in Manchester. Their work concerns whirling club mutations filtered through queer discourse. Following a slew of devastating live performances LOFT has become a city renowned dance floor QT. Part bingo caller part harbinger of accelerationist capitalism, their live sets leave one with a sense of feeling safe in the knowledge that although everything’s fucked we all might just about make it. Their recent releases with Astral Plane Recordings and Wisdom Teeth showcase a melange of memories of the UK hardcore continuum; a rupture in genre boundaries between the playful elasticity of bubblegum pop, morose tonality of hauntology, and all out 'ardkore assaults. Oh yeah, recently they’ve joined the ranks of NTS radio’s scintillating rotation of DJs producers and sound broadcasters. Expect over saturated drum breaks intertwined with overdrawn lips.