genre:Sublime Grooves

when:8.12.18 | Aquarium | 00:30

With a particular affinity for post-punk, techno and vintage electronica, Debonair connects the musical dots. As a radio station manager and programming director at NTS, she built the station up as well as holding a residency since the beginning. Cruising between the lines of EBM, post-punk, techno, electro and more, you can be sure that Debonair will bring amazing (and weird) bangers to the party. These days she's concentrating on her own show as well as stepping out as a respected club DJ, known for on-point selections and invigorating sets. DEBONAIR is a regular on London's underground club circuit, delivering energy to venues like Fabric, Oval Space and Corsica Studios and has shared bills with a formidable and eclectic set of artists including Nidia Minaj, Fis, DMX Krew and Lena Wilikins. She also runs her own party, Linear Space (co-curated with Chloe Frieda), and has hosted Borusiade, Karen Gwyer, Xenoglossix and Shelley Parker.




Resident Advisor