"Following my attendance on the first instalment of The Lab back in 2012, i wanted to notedown my thoughts and experiences. Bare with me, since this is written in a stream-of-consciousness motif and might be a little chaotic or resemble a diary entry, but i will try to make it as cohesive as possible. 


The Lab provides young people with a hands on experience of what it takes to organise a music festival from scratch. You get to meet other people with similar interests; all together striving to create something beautiful which will enhance the concertgoer’s experience.


We got to learn about the workload required to host a festival.


I found myself having a newly-discovered appreciation for items i did not consider at all prior to The Lab, like black canvases, gaffer tape, tie-wraps, as well as re-using anything available to you for decoration.


What surprised me during the workshop was how approachable the organisers were in discussing and sharing their past experiences, on bookings, ticket prices, bureaucracy and boy did they have some stories to tell. We had discussions over coffee, many coffees and pizza. Another thing i found refreshing was their openness and encouragement in sending them feedback and suggestions to improve the festival. It is after all a collective work and that was evident. 


In conclusion The Lab was definitely something worth my while, allowing me to peek into the process of creating a music festival."


Eleni - Labster 2012