"Post-Plisskën Depression. This is what happens when one of Greece's greatest festivals is over. This happens when you have taken part in organizing this festival, along with the coolest people you have ever met. This happens when you have sat down and discussed for hours on end, with your favorite band. This happens when you cannot find the words to describe your experience at The Lab. Best decision I've ever made. Would do it again no questions asked".

Martha - Labster 2014


"My experience from Plisskën will not be much different from anyonelse's.. I would do it again, and i have already suggested it to other people. I got a good dose of what occurs at the production of a live show & festival, which eluded me previously. Now i would be more confident somehow infiltrating in this sector if i wanted to. 

It was a useful, interesting, crazy, entertaining experience, despite any anxiety caused by minor problems."

Catherine - Labster 2014